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Helping children excel in maths by developing their understanding and confidence in mathematics.

About Maths Buddy

MathsBuddy is Colette Delargy, a qualified teacher with over 30 years experience, the last 14 of which have been spent offering maths tuition to primary and post-primary students, both privately and through schools.

We're Now Online!

Due to COVID-19, MathsBuddy is now online with the classes being highly praised by parents and children.

Where you do not have the games that MathsBuddy uses, we will make do with household items where possible. Colette only uses materials that have proved to be effective in boosting children’s confidence and understanding.  While the shop now only stocks MathsBuddy items, Colette has a good supply of resources that parents can purchase including some of those materials that are not widely available. Just ask Colette about any you are interested in.

Colette tailors every aspect of all lessons to suit your child’s or your family’s needs.

30 or 60 Minute Sessions

Upto 3 Siblings Per Session

Parent Support Available

Courses Designed To Suit Each Individual Child

  • The games make the maths really easy. I think we are just playing but I keep getting better marks in class!

  • It’s good to get time to think things through because that helps me understand what is happening.

  • Her brain seems to have just clicked for lots of things in maths now: thank you.

  • We had the parent/teacher meeting today and the teacher is now happy with her maths. Thanks Colette.

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