Online Lessons

Book either a thirty or sixty minute slot with Colette for online tuition for one to three siblings.

Colette tailors each lesson to suit your child(ren)’s specific requirements, ensuring every session is time well spent.

The MathsBuddy Way

At MathsBuddy, practical work is prioritised over workbooks and computer programs because it helps children learn what each concept is about and it gives them the opportunity to learn and use the mathematical language in a meaningful setting. 

Very often, children are doing lots of maths, either on computers or in workbooks, but they still have not really grasped the concept and get stuck when asked a question that doesn’t follow the typical pattern.  This can make them feel that they are bad at maths or that they are ‘stupid’.

Tailored To Suit Each Child

To overcome your child's fear or lack of confidence in maths, Colette establishes where your child's confidence waivers and builds from there.

This could be through a 30 or 60 minute lesson and, as the classes are online, you can see exactly how to support your child and can follow this up at home. 

Therefore you only need to book a class when it is necessary and you are not tied into a contract.

Paired Support

MathsBuddy offers individualised or paired support as evidence shows it's the most effective method of bridging the gaps in learning.

Increase Confidence

Teachers and parents often comment on the change in children’s confidence and their understanding even after one class. 

Additional Support

If you feel your child could do with some additional support, contact Colette to see if the MathsBuddy approach is right for you.

What Parents like about MathsBuddy...

  • They do not have to drive to a venue or have a tutor call at the house.
  • It saves them time and they can get on with other activities whilst listening in.
  • They can see how to support their child until the next class, if needed.
  • All the work is tailored to their child’s needs.
  • The work is at the right level which promotes enjoyment and confidence.
  • They appreciate the flexibility to split hour long sessions for up to 3 children in the family.
  • As there is no long-term contract, they can book a class as and when their child needs support.

What Children like about MathsBuddy...

  • The classes are fun and the time flies by.
  • They can ask when they don’t understand anything - without feeling stupid.
  • They are no longer frightened of maths and for many it becomes their favourite subject.
  • They now understand maths and if they are struggling in class, they think of what Colette would use to help them make sense of the work.
  • They love it when their teacher is amazed at how quickly they can get their answers and how they are able to explain their work.

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