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Our MathsBuddy products have been designed to ensure learners have truly grasped the basic concepts.

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The MathsBuddy Maths X-treme snap cards have been highly praised by teachers and children as a much more interesting way of learning about place value. While originally designed for Key Stage 1 pupils, they are more often used with Key Stage 2 pupils and older learners because of the mental maths challenges combined with the various ways in which numbers can be represented. Answers are all within 100.

There are 3 versions of the game:

  • Answer Match: Find all the cards that give the same answer.  There are more matches than you think.
  • Flashcard Memory Booster: See how many you already know and learn the remaining facts.
  • Big Challenge Snap: Now compete with your friends to win the cards.

The MathsBuddy Snap games have been designed to suit primary, post-primary and adult learners.

Drawstring canvas bag included for easy storage.


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